History of the Hospital

1947 - The Beginning

The McNutts in 1948.
Front: Gayle, 4 years
Second row l-r: Mel, Marita F.
Third row l-r: David, 7 years; Marita J. 12 years; Dennis 11 years.

1948 - The Bungalow

The Governor also offered the house in Saboba, the young British Colonial officer was building, to be used as the missionary's residence. Later when the Mission truck approached Saboba with the supplies, and equipment, the truck carrying the the Colonial Officer officer, had to move off the road to let them by. He had slept in his new house only one night. He had vowed missionaries would never live and work in Saboba. The McNutts were privileged to be the first American family to live in that house 

1949 - First Clinic Opens

A U. S. World War II surplus building donated to the Assemblies of God. Set up by Leonard McNutt. 

1948-1949 Early Pictures of Patients

Mrs. McNutt

The Regional doctor gave Mrs. McNutt directions on how to treat the wounds. She also treated patients during the spinal meningitis epidemic in 1948. 

Young Patients

Treatments for Yaws on patient's legs.

Adult Patients

Several afternoons a week Mrs. McNutt would clean and bandage wounds of patients.