About Us

Marita McNutt Gladson

Executive Director, Saboba's Hope, Inc. Eldest daughter of Mel and Marita McNutt first missionaries to Saboba. 

Gayle McNutt Weber

Gayle is the youngest daughter of Mel and Marita McNutt.  She was 4 years old when living in Saboba.   

People We Knew In 1948

Gayle Weber and Marita Gladson meet with people who remembered them from 1949.  

Right to left Suleman Maabo, Obi, one of Gylima's daughters, Kayil deceased in 2008, and Amos Biyimba. 

Kayil said that Gayle threw a rock at him when she was about 4 years old. She apologized at this meeting. 

What a privilege to meet these people again!