Wardrobe for Women

The Saboba Medical Centre’s mission is to serve everyone who comes through their doors, a varied population, with diverse cultural and religious values.

Volunteers are asked to show respect and dress conservatively.

Women are asked to be very cautions in the selection of their wardrobe.
Please select modest, loose fitting dresses and skirts which go at least to the knees; tops with sleeves; a neckline which covers the cleavage; Cotton slacks and capris are fine.

Cover your underwear and your butt cleavage. When you bend over you skin should be covered.

Pierced earrings are acceptable. Leave the valuable jewelry at home. Costume jewelry in fine;

Body piercings and tattoos must be covered.

Clothing must be clean, in good condition, no rips, stains or frays.

We recommend that you take five outfits. One to wear, two clean, one drying and one ‘better’ outfit for church or a special event. Flat shoes, sandals, clogs and sneakers, are recommended. Flip flops don’t protect the feet from injury and insect infestation, i.e. chiggers, scorpions, snakes. Wear them in the house and in the shower. Don’t go barefoot at all.

Choose your own color preference.

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If the fabric is heavy enough or the item is lined you won't need a slip.

You may wear medical scrubs.
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Not acceptable

Shorts, jeans, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, shirts with a logo are not an option.

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Needs to be mid knee. Too short No skorts or short shorts.
Shorts need to be finger tip length.
You can wear them in room but not outside or for work.

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