Primary Care

Primary Care Clinic,  supervised by  Joshua Beso, R.N. focuses on Preventive Medicine.
This includes the Maternal and Child Health Clinics with immunization of children under 5,
prevention and treatment of malnutrition, health education, promotion of use of insecticide
treated bed nets to prevent malaria, prevention of malnutrition, treatment and prevention
of guinea worm, and typhoid. Prenatal care for pregnant women includes immunization,
tetanus, distribution of Iron, Folic Acid and vitamins. Public Health programs are provided
to the community and local villages.

They need a centre for malnourished children, where the mothers board with their children,
are educated in proper nutrition at the same time the children are given special feedings and
treated for any illnesses.
Prenatal Care
Prenatal Monthly Check Up

2012 June Baby Scales
Weighing babies at a well check.

2012 June Public Health Immunization clinic
Immunization clinic

Two heavy duty motorcycles are requested to travel to the remote village.


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