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Current Needs:
Humanitarian and charitable organizations encounter significant tariffs when trying to ship and import equipment and supplies. The cost of shipping and customs is very high and the process very complicated. Saboba's Hope has decided to make purchases in Ghana. An additional option it so send items as accompanied baggage and pay the fees. We have sent 4 oxygen concentrators by this method which arrived without complications.

Saboba's Hope, in partnership with CrossLinks Memphis, Globus Relief and International Aid, has arranged for volunteers to purchase medical supplies to be carried as accompanied baggage. The additional fee per bag, is cheaper than shipping and customs tariffs. Saboba's Hope may on occasion, be able provide funds for excess baggage fees. Contact us for information.

• A Doctor
An additional doctor is needed. Dr. Young, the only surgeon, has a very heavy schedule and is appealing for help, to serve the population of 120,000. She is on call 24/7. She has the assistance of 1 doctor.

Items listed below are things the SMC could use. However there may be more pressing needs. Please contact us for more information.
Equipment and supplies for the:
Xray building
• General
$ 1000 1 Clothes dryer for the Hospital
$ 50 100 Sheets for patient beds
$ 2000 20 High density mattresses covered with imitation leather for single bed

• General Medical
$10,000  autoclave

• Surgical Instruments               
$ 2,000         1 set Orthopedic surgical instruments 
$ 5,000 ea      2 surgical suction machines

• Laboratory          
$ 1000 each      1 blood count machine

• Pharmacy-Medical Records
$ 1,500    4 lateral filing cabinets                                   
$10,000        Counters, cabinets                     
$10,000        Ceramic tile flooring 

• Transportation
Duel cab diesel pickup for transporting supplies
5 ton truck
15 passenger 4 wheel drive, diesel vehicle to transport public health
workers to remote villages
3 Heavy duty motorcycles       

Medical Volunteers Full Time - Recruit a missionary M.D. for a long term assignment.
- Recruit missionary dentist for a long term assignment.
- Recruit 3-4 missionary R.Ns for a long term assignment.
- Recruit a missionary Director of Nurses.
MD and DDS applicants must be licensed through the Ghana Medical and Dental Council before being allowed to work in the country. Contact us for an application and information
RN applicants are encouraged to volunteer, and may serve under a doctor's license.
Volunteers serve at their own expense, and on their own schedule.

$1,000   Welding Unit compressor  

Medical Inventory Specialist
A person to volunteer their time to set up an inventory system, and computerize it.

• Staff Housing

Available housing in rural areas is always very limited. This remote location makes it hard to recruit and retain staff.  Good accommodations are needed  to encourage skilled staff to take the position. A $20,000 donation would go a long way toward building a junior staff complex, or a Senior staff complex.  Please help.

Fence The Saboba Medical Centre property. $10,000 would fence the property.

• Septic Tank
Repair or rebuild the septic system for all buildings. The septic tanks are old and troublesome.  Each tank needs to be cleaned out after many years of neglect due to lack of funds.  Or build new septic tank systems for all buildings.  Cost unknown.  We encourage a company that specializes in Septic systems to volunteer to do this project.

• Rain capture system
The water pump for the village often breaks down, so women have to travel to the river or to a well. Another option would be to build a 30,000 cistern for rain capture. That water would then be available when needed. It would be wonderful to have several around the village available when needed. This system is built by an NGO in Ghana. It is possible we can contract with them. A cistern can be built for less than $15,000.

• Pure Water
Typhoid and the resulting complications, is very serious, yet can be easily prevented by placing a 2 litre PET bottle in the sun for 6 hours. We want to implement the SODIS method so this terrible sickness can be prevented. The cost includes the salary for 1 person to head the project, a motorcycle, to travel to the surrounding villages, and making available the PET bottles, about 4 per person. We will write a grant proposal and submit it to various donors. In the mean time please help with this project.
Another option is to connect with Vestergaard-Fransen at to develop a program of safe drinking water.

• Dental Services
A dental chair has been donated and further upgrades are needed to complete the suite. Request donation of funds to purchase and install a new autoclave. We would like to develop a system of a monthly rotation of dentists, to serve for a minimum of 6 days, on a 3 year cycle.  Non-Ghanaian dentists must apply for a temporary license.  Contact us for an application.
Volunteers serve at their own expense, and on their own schedule.


Saboba's Hope Inc. is a California non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). EIN 26-2919781