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Passport/Visa Information

Get a Passport.

An American Citizen can find the application for a US passport  at:

Remember to keep all important papers with you at all times, in your carry-on and NOT in your checked luggage.

BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR  PASSPORT.  Keep it with you at all times. Don't give it to anyone to hold.  Don't allow it out of your sight. Don’t put your passport in a breast pocket EVER!!!  It can easily be stolen. Keep it in an inside pocket.  

Make a colored copy of the first page of your passport and your Ghanaian Visa.  Keep them in your luggage, separate from the passport so you have the information available if it is lost or stolen.

Ghanaian Visa

They don't accept personal checks.

Click here to   Download the application form!
Mail to the Ghana Embassy for your Country.

Include a Money order, Cashier's check or Certified bank check made payable to the Embassy of Ghana.

Caution Note:
Check to be sure your Ghanaian Visa has been stamped insie your passport and the receipt is stapled to a pageOne lady didn't have her passport stamped and was taken aside and quizzed. 


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