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Packing Information
Women volunteers: You must dress culturally appropriate. Please do not wear shorts, anything that is sleeveless, reveals you cleveage, or your belly. Some of the population is Muslim, and out of respect for them, dress appropriately.

Learn how to travel with one bag at

“ want a carryon-sized bag (length + width + height = no more than 45 inches)* with soft sides (which conform better to both their contents and the places you might stow them) and strong construction. Whenever possible, resist the temptation to check bags; you can live indefinitely out of a carryon, and enjoy the consequent benefits of increased security, economy, mobility, and serenity. And remember, the goal isn't to see how much stuff you can bring aboard a plane — it's learning to manage happily with a single bag of modest size. *( i.e. a bag 21.5 x 14.5 x 9)

Pack all valuables, like cameras equipment, all essentials like toiletries, prescriptions medications in the carry-on in carry-on luggage. Wear only inexpensive jewelry and watches.  Include a change or two of clothing in your carry-on bag, in the event your checked bags are lost . Pack as lightly as possible. You want to save room for souvenirs.


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