Please make a donation.


It is important that you take a small item to the Chief and the Toma Regent; i.e. a cap, a large T-shirt, a coffee mug.  I found sun glasses for 99¢ and took in several pair. You might also ask a bank, credit union or pharmaceutical company to donate pens,  visors, something small,  for the Saboba Medical Centre staff  of about 100.  They all live at the poverty level, so a small gift will be greatly appreciated.

Your time, and labor are generous gifts. You don’t have to give anything but your service. The people have been conditioned to expect gifts from foreign  guests. You should not give money to individuals.  Don’t be pressured.  You may donate money to the Saboba Medical Centre if you wish, but you are not obligate. 

You will pay for all your personal expenses, room, board, tips, all transportation, sightseeing, souvenirs.


Saboba's Hope Inc. is a California non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). EIN 26-2919781