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Check here for the current exchange rate.

Purchase Ghanaian CEDI only in Ghana.  On arrival at the Accra Airport exchange funds for cedis. Bring all cash.  Carry your extra money in a money belt. Please do not bring travelers checks as they are very difficult and expensive to cash. 

All transactions will be in cash.  Credit Cards can be used on a limited basis.  You can withdraw cash at local ATM machines, and charge a hotel room.  The regional airlines and guesthouses
DO NOT accept credit cards. 

Bring a fanny pack that has a compartment to hold your dollars,  passport, and ticket,  on one side  and the Ghanaian currency on the other,  with a center, compartment for wipes, chapstick, anti-bacterial hand gel, snacks, a pocket on each end  for a cell phone and a camera.  A fanny pack is invaluable because you can keep your hands free and keep your valuables close.  You will need all your documents at several check points at each airport. I usually carry several small coin purses for coins from each country.


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