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Trip Costs:

You are responsible for all costs of your trip, transportation to Ghana, transportation in country, housing, meals, tips. The Saboba Medical Centre can't not pay for volunteers.

A two week trip, from Los Angeles, will cost  from $3500-to $4500 per person.

Research to find the best fare to Accra, Ghana.
There are flights from JFK or Atlanta to Accra.
Fly to London or Amsterdam and to Accra.

The flight from Accra to Tamale  will save 1 day each way.  Cost about $300 round trip.

If there is no flight you will travel 12 hours by STC bus and stay overnight stay in Tamale.  Cost about $50 each way.

Dr. Jean will help you make reservations for the flight to Tamale. The gues thouse will arrange transportation to the airport.

Dr. Jean will arrange your transportation from Tamale to Saboba.   Ask her for transportation costs from Tamale to Saboba round trip.

Prices subject to change:

Pre-trip costs in the US estimates subject to change.

Passport    $100                                                    
Ghanaian Visa      $100
Immunizations/malarial prescription    $375
Overseas health insurance (if your policy doesn’t cover)    $100
Flight- search for the most reasonable High of        $2,400
Trip insurance - highly recommended                            $250
Pre-trip Personal items               $200
silksack,  luggage tags, insect repellant, snacks,  tuna lunch, trail mix, crackers and cheese, granola.

In country costs $100- $125 a day.

At Dr. Jean's and Bob's home in Saboba, they ask for $100 a week for food. Pay them, for all round trips to Tamale to pick you up.

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