Please make a donation.

Additional suggestions on what to take.

Volunteers: You must dress culturally appropriate. You are volunteering at a conservative Christian institution, and patients come from diverse religious backrounds.

Women: Please select items with short sleeves; cover the cleveage, all parts of your body and your underwear. Please no shorts or strapless tops.

Men: Please cover your boxers.

Pack camera or video equipment in your carry on. You should not be required to pay  any custom fees.

Posted on the U. S. Embassy website
"It is strictly prohibited to wear any military apparel such as camouflage jackets or trousers, or any clothing or items that may appear military in nature."


A silk sleep sack, gives a clean sleeping surface. Folds into a compact sleeve.

luggage tags, insect repellant, snacks, packaged foods, cheese crackers, peanut butter and crackers,  trail mix, granola, instant oatmeal, instant coffee.

Take 2-3 Ezfreeze by Cool Gear,  storage containers. At the guest house put the lid in the freezer. Carry in an insulated bag  for snacks when traveling. Works very well.

Cell Phone

A cell phone is invaluable.  The SMC has a cell phone to loan. Check with Dr. Young for availability. You will need to purchase the units on arrival. Access to the internet is at the guesthouses or hotels in Accra and Tamale,  and at World Vision in Saboba

Camera:  Take a digital with an extra memory card, batteries, and charger

Bring:  Reading material, devotional material, notebook-journal pen
             Chewing gum or hard candy for take off and landing. 


Personal Medicines/ Prescriptions/Toiletries

Ask your doctor for a prescription of Zithromax  as an emergency.

Make a photocopy of the prescriptions you are taking.

Take enough medication for your trip and several extra days just in case of a delay.

Get your anti-malarial prescription and begin to take it before you leave as directed by your doctor.

Take antibacterial gel. They are available in a small size with a holder to attach to  a fanny pack.  Wipe hands after shaking hands, touching money, touching anything.  Be subtle.

antibiotic cream                            antacids
Pepto Bismol tabs                        powder for heat rash
eye drops                                       cold or sinus tabs
Tylenol and Tylenol PM            Band Aids
vitamins                                         something for motion sickness   
Ibuprofen                                      Anti-itch cream -for bug bites
Add your own______________ Apis Mell 6x  for bites stings swellings (This worked very well for me)

Personal Toiletries

shampoo                        hair spray
tooth paste                     tooth brush  
deodorant                      razor
shaving cream              moisturizer
lip moisturizer              hand lotion
baby powder                wipes ( use to bathe if  you don’t have water)

Take a pillow,  most were too hard or too soft.  Take a pillow case, and a set of flat queen sheets, and a towel set, bath, hand and wash cloth. You will leave them as a donation to the hospital. The sheets are for unanticipated needs, i.e.  the bed looks slept in.

International alarm clock             Voltage Converter/Transformer Kit  110 - 220

camera batteries                    rechargeable- with charger
extra pair of glasses                     hearing aid batteries if needed
flash light and batteries               universal sink plug fits all drains
sun glasses                                  shower shoes                                        shower cap
packets of tissues toilet seat covers

The public toilets ( if you can find one) are dirty; touch as little as possible keep your pants and bags off the floor.  You may have to take a trip into the field. Ladies wear a dress. Wash hands with antiseptic gel.


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