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Assemblies of God Hospital, Saboba, Ghana

Rainy season
AAAAHospital with Trees
The Women's Ward is behind the trees. The children's ward is to the left of the Women's Ward
Surgery Theatre is the centre building. The Men's Ward is on the right.

The Humanitarian Mission of Saboba's Hope is to support the Saboba Medical Centre,

of Northern Ghana, ensuring the continued delivery of quality healthcare to the people of the Saboba-Chereponi region. 
To achieve this, the goals are to:
- Recruit Volunteers for short and long term assignment
- Develop a Sister Hospital Partnership with established Hospitals
- Develop community projects
- Raise funds
- Build financial stability

Please support our mission. Ni ni lituln pam. Thank you.

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Bible Verse of the Day

The Gospel of John in Lekpokpam
The Konkomba speak of themselves as Bekpokpam and their language as Lekpokpam


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